Titanic Brewery Logo by AD Profile

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Titanic Brewery


Titanic Brewery asked us to refresh there logo and update there range of bottled beers.

We produced a simple, contemporary set of uniformed labels, each with an individual illustration that successfully captures the heritage, spirit and opulence of White Star Line's infamous Titanic.

Titanic Brewery - Mid-Atlantic Pale

Titanic Brewery MAP - Mid Atlantic Pale design by AD Profile
Titanic MAP by AD Profile

We were given a fantastic opportunity to create this Craft Beer brand, Mid Atlantic Pale, for Titanic Brewery. The final font badge was produced with a deep resin dome creating an amazing globe affect.

A contemporary design that fits within and compliments the existing, popular Titanic Brewery brand.


"The team at ADP have been fantastic, as always at Titanic we gave them little notice and a relatively loose brief, they fully understood what we were looking for and came up with a perfect result!"

- Keith Bott, Titanic Brewery.